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90 years old this year!

A Little History - cont’d

With a further move to the Liberal Club on Lockhurst Lane the society finally moved in 1999 to the Arbury Tavern, Webb St., Nuneaton. This was the first time that the society had been taken out of Coventry since it changed its name. The decision was not taken lightly and was only implemented because the members could not find a suitable venue within the Coventry border.

Coventry Magic Circle has moved several times since, first to the Arbury Tavern in Webb Street Nuneaton and then for a short time to the Liberal Club in Attleborough and after that to the Saunders Hall Club in Bedworth and then to the Bentley Road Sports and Social Club in Nuneaton.

We are now in our lovely new HQ at The Ex-Servicemen’s Club Rye Piece Bedworth where we have been for a number of years.

The society remains very strong with a membership that includes some professional entertainers, semi-professionals and amateurs. As well as closed meetings, where we have visiting lecturers and discussion nights, we also have open evenings where friends and families are invited to be entertained. These take the form of competitions, of which we several. Notably the close up competition, the card competition and the parlour competition.

In previous years we have put on Christmas Shows in conjunction with local dance schools that filled the Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton which generated generous donations to the Mayor’s Charity Appeal. Sadly this is no longer possible.

The members also available to put on two or three shows a year for local schools, which helps to raise money both for our club and for the schools themselves. (See our 50/50 page for details.)